1What Makes Tresan Different From The Cosmetic Shampoos And Hair Care Products ?
Tresan hair care products purify the hair from oil and dirt with its natural ingredients, also it protects the hair roots and makes them stronger. With a regular use, it keeps the hair more powerfull and bright. Healthy hair does not fall.
2Is There Any Seperation Of Tresan Products For Women / Men ?
No. All Tresan hair care products are suitable for both women and men.
3What Is Piroctone Olamine ?
It is an ingredient which prevents the increase of microorganisms that makes dandruff.
4Which Tresan Products Should Be Used For Dandruff Problem ?
The high amount of sebum causes dandruff. It will be enough to use Tresan Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with Tresan Beech Essence Hair Tonic several times in a week. To use the hair tonic on hair roots by friction (massage) is adviced.
5Is There Any Special Tresan Product For Coloured Hair ?
For coloured and light hair Tresan Camomile Shampoo is adviced. That incredibly light shampoo is effective on keeping the brightness of hair.
6For Which Hair Problems Can Tresan Beech Essence Hair Tonic be Used ?
It stimulates the blood circulation on scalp. It gains liveliness, brightness and softness to hair. It avoids dandruff. Also it helps to prevent the hair loss and support hair growth.
7Could Tresan Beech Essence Hair Tonic Be Used With All Types Of Tresan Shampoos ? How Often Should It Be Used ?
Yes. Tresan Beech Essence Hair Tonic can be used with all types of Tresan shampoos. It is use several times on dry hair by friction (massage).
8Is Tresan Beech Essence Hair Tonic Usefull For Hair Loss ?
Tresan Beech Essence Hair Tonic is usefull for hair loss because of the natural igredients it has.
9Does Tresan Beech Essence Hair Tonic Make Hair Oily?
No. Tresan Beech Essence Hair does not make hair oily, because its natural ingredients.
10Are animals tested on Tresan products?
No, all Tresan products are made without testing on animals.
11Does Tresan products contain animal fats?
No, Tresan products do not contain animal fats.